Feel good about the good you do. They're Boots, Man.

The Boots

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About Our Story

Why Guatemala?

Approximately 75% of Guatemalans live below the poverty level. Additionally, roughly 58% of the population have incomes below the extreme poverty line, ​defined as the amount needed to purchase a basic basket of food. And we want to change that... Guatemalans are a proud and happy people. Theirs is a culture rich with joy, tradition, and a sense of community. Their communities are filled with generations of skilled leather-working artisans. And that's where the boots come in. 

By filling a market void in the U.S. we're able to give back to communities in need.

So, let's see the boots...

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The idea for Botas, Hombre came from a trip to Guatemala in 2011. I was there with an organization called Mission Discovery that connected people like me to several humanitarian organizations that were providing aid to some of the most impoverished areas of the country. It was on a set-up day on this trip that we stumbled upon a community of leather working artisans that had found a way to sustain themselves for generations in an otherwise faulty economy. It was here on an unassuming street, in rather unassuming buildings, that these artisans worked and lived with their families. Their workshop, was their retail shop, was their home. Generations of craftsmanship and skill were consolidated into one simple road in the mountains of Guatemala.

The location was shocking; the boots, beautiful. But the intentional care that these artisans put into every element of the botas-making process was nothing short of inspiring. They took pride in making and showing their work. I was literally amazed. I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to see and wear a pair of boots with a real story; boots with real character; the genuine article.
I knew these botas wouldn't just appeal to people who appreciate craftsmanship and timeless design, but anyone with a pulse that cares about connecting to others in a very real way. We wear clothes every day and never really think twice about the hands that make them. I saw an opportunity with Botas, Hombre to connect boot makers with their customers, with boot makers and create a relationship of admiration and goodwill through the whole process.
By buying a pair of Botas, Hombre you're not only supporting the boot-makers and their families but also, through our profit sharing mission to humanitarian organizations already on the ground, you are helping the communities surrounding these artists. You'll be giving hosts of Guatemalans a chance to escape the cycle of generational poverty through the provision of nutritional aid, food programs, tutoring, clean water access, and school supplies to those who simply cannot get them on their own.

We hope you'll join us in our journey to support hardworking boot artisans in our neck of the hemisphere, and look great doing it. We hope that through your purchase, you can feel good about the good you're doing just by supporting us and buying a pair of rugged, fashionable, botas. But our sincere hope is that it inspires you to look for opportunities to do even more good in your community and beyond. 

Feel good about the good you do in your Botas, Hombre. They're boots, man.